You would like to support Women Build 2018 but you cannot participate? That’s Ok! Thank you for donating to a woman builder or to the captain of a particular team you would like to support.

All tax receipts will be issued for donations of $50 or more at the end of the year.

If you prefer to send a cheque directly to us, please clearly indicate:
  • You full name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • The full name of the woman you would like to donate to
Please send you cheque to:
Habitat for Humanity Province of Quebec
4377, Notre-Dame West Street, office 108
Montreal (Quebec)
H4C 1R9

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Team Members

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    Yasmine Baoudi


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    Jessica Paquette


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    laurence hamel


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    Stacy Benoit


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    Marie-Hélène Hamilton


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Recent Contributors

Louis Carrier Amount: $ 160.17 Date Received: 05/18/2018
"Aider les gens d'une façon différente. Bravo à toi et ton équipe."
Gabriel Nadeau Amount: $ 213.29 Date Received: 05/17/2018
"Concept G. Nadeau encourage fièrement Melyssa Robert Designer dans ce magnifique projet!"
Robert Mainville Amount: $ 107.04 Date Received: 05/14/2018
"Belle initiative Merci "
Martine Paquin Amount: $ 150 Date Received: 05/11/2018
"Lâche-pas! C'est super comme projet."
Jean-Pierre Theoret Amount: $ 53.92 Date Received: 05/10/2018
"Bonne chance!"
Krystel Beaucage Amount: $ 53.92 Date Received: 05/9/2018
Nathaly Lebrun Page Amount: $ 22.04 Date Received: 05/9/2018
"Felicitation Melyssa pour l initiative dont vous faites preuve! Nous sommes Heureux de soutenir une aussi belle cause."
David Gagnon Amount: $ 319.54 Date Received: 05/9/2018
"Espace G est fier d’appuyer Melyssa Robert dans ce beau projet !"
Lyne Beaulieu Amount: $ 107.04 Date Received: 05/9/2018
"Bravo pour ton implication dans cette si belle cause🌞"
René Gerard Amount: $ 213.29 Date Received: 05/9/2018
"Fier de soutenir cette belle équipe!!!"
Multi Luminaire Laval Amount: $ 107.04 Date Received: 05/4/2018
Gestion Immobilière 20Douze Hugo Chabanne Et Sylvain Turcotte Amount: $ 266.41 Date Received: 05/4/2018
"Félicitations Mélyssa Nous sommes fières d'appuyer ton initiative"
Steve Exur Immobilier Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 05/3/2018
Jonathan Demers Amount: $ 107.04 Date Received: 05/3/2018
"´´Bravo Melyssa pour ce super projet "
Benoit Coupal Amount: $ 107.04 Date Received: 05/3/2018
"Bravo Mélyssa pour ton implication!"
Daniel Rocque Amount: $ 53.92 Date Received: 04/5/2018
"Félicitations beau projet"
Paulina Côté-Mashala Amount: $ 53.92 Date Received: 03/25/2018
"Bravo Mélyssa, Bravo, continue d'inspirer."
Michel Alary Amount: $ 107.04 Date Received: 03/16/2018
"Tu nous inspires! On est derrière toi!"
Elie Miron Amount: $ 16.74 Date Received: 03/13/2018
"Bravo Mélyssa! Belle initiative... Yeah!"
Catherine-Anne Renaud Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 03/9/2018
Alain Paquette Amount: $ 107.04 Date Received: 03/8/2018
"Fier de l'engagement de Melyssa Robert designer et de son équipe! "