Women are an integral part of our society, and the Women Build program celebrates the outstanding power they have to get together and actively contribute to transform the world.

In the Women Build program, we learn, we share, we encourage. In order to participate each woman is invited to raise a minimum of $500 by soliciting her friends, family and coworkers. In return, she will spend a day on a Habitat Quebec construction site “this program is exclusively reserved for women, although sometimes technician and site supervisors may be men. All women builders will have the opportunity to use power tools and maybe learn new skills, while helping low-income families of Quebec to fulfill their dream of home.

Habitat for Humanity Quebec's objective is to welcome 400 women, each one of them to raise $500, and to lend a helping hand for the construction of houses for low-income families – in Montreal and in Sherbrooke.

The first Women Build in Canada took place in Waterloo, Ontario, in 2000. To date thousands of women have worked on Habitat construction sites across Canada.

It is the sixth edition of Women build in Quebec in 2019!
Construction Sites
All participating women will work in teams by 6-10 persons, one construction in Montreal and one in Sherbrooke.