How do I participate in a group or individually?
Everything is more fun when you are part of the gang! You can register in a group of up to 6 women* to raise money and work together!

If your friends don't want to get their hands dirty, that’s OK!
You can register individually and you will be assigned to a group, where you will have the chance to make new friendships!

* Groups of less than 6 women will host individually registered participants until a team of 6 is formed.

Where do the funds go?
100% of the funds raised will be invested in the construction of the homes where the program is hosted. The revenues of our ReStore center will cover all administrative costs.
What are we building?
All teams will complete finishing works inside the houses.
When are we building?
The building starts at 8.30am and ends at 4.00pm. All teams will be invited to choose their build day within the timeframe 4 – 22 June 2018.
I'm ready to sign up, what do I do?
The registration page will be open from March 1st until May 1st, 2018.Please sign up by filling out the form, choosing your city of build and type of participation (individual, team member or start your own team). Once your Women Build 2018 profile is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. We are strongly advising you to start your fundraising activities as soon as you profile is completed.
If you are a team captain, you will have to approve each member willing to join your team. You can login and edit your personal fundraising page including your personal info, your team’s info, goals, photos and content. In addition, you will be able to track your progress regarding your fundraising efforts by adding photos and comments!

How many women are in one team?
Each team should have 6 members, including the captain. If a team is comprised of less persons, we will assign new members to your team.
There are many women signing up individually. So be ready to meet new people! The team’s goal won’t be affected – it remains an average of $500 per women in the group. A 6-women team, for example, will have a collective goal of $3000.
Is it possible to have a team of more than 6 women?
Due to lack of space and for security reasons, the teams are limited to a maximum of 6 people.
Can I participate in two construction days?
We limit participants to one construction day because we want to give 300 women the opportunity to be part of this unique social movement. However, if you really loved the experience, you are always welcome to come back as a regular volunteer once the Women Build campaign is over!
Are men excluded?
Women Build is not about excluding men; it’s about including women and celebrate their place in the traditionally male dominated profession. The campaign provide a comfortable atmosphere for women to acquire construction skills they might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. It is also a venue for networking and community spirit. The men in your life can support you by sponsoring you and helping you fundraise more.

Do I need construction expertise or experience?
No construction experience is required! We will provide you with all the safety gear, tools and instructions you will need for the day. Our talented volunteer Crew Leaders will guide you every step of the way. All you need to bring is a pair of used pants willing to get dirty, and goodwill!
I'm having trouble logging in, making a donation or registering.
Please contact Milena Alen at malen@habitatqc.ca or at 514.937.0643 ext. 232. She will guide you.
Why do I have to fundraise? Isn't volunteering my time enough?
Fundraising is the core of the program. We invite every participant to contribute and raise a minimum of $500 to help pay for the construction costs, but please note that usually participants raise much more. We invest every amount in the mission to build simple, decent and affordable houses. If you have never fundraised, it may seem daunting. But don't worry, we have some helpful tips to make it easy. You can start by downloading the Practical Tools to Help in Fundraising Efforts document.
Is it okay if I don't meet my personal fundraising goal?
Most women in the past campaigns surpassed their goals. That said, we are limiting the number of participants to 300 and make sure the rules apply to everyone. If you think you won’t reach your goal, feel free to contact Milena Alen at malen@habitatqc.ca or at 514.937.0643 ext. 232. We’ll do our best to help you. If you are part of a team, the surplus of a teammate might be enough for you to reach your goal, since teams share a common goal of $500 per member. For example, if you are $100 short but a teammate has a $100 surplus, everything is fine.
What happens if my team doesn't reach its fundraising goal?
Your team has until May 31st to fundraise, so don't give up yet! Download our Practical tools to help your fundraising efforts and keep going! If, by that date your team really didn't reach it's goal, we'll look into each individual women in the team, and the ones who reached $500 will be invited onsite as individual participants. In order to be fair with all participants, only the women who raised the required minimum $500 in a team that didn't reach its goal will be invited. Remember, the team's goal is collective; your surplus can help a teammate who is short a few dollars. Contact us if you need help of or you have a specific question not answered in this page.
I’ve reached my $500 goal. Should I stop fundraising?
Well done! If you raised $500, you assured one day of construction. However, if you think you can raise even more, do it! All donations will help us build homes for low-income families, so it’s money we’ll put in for a good cause! If you are part of a team, your surplus can compensate a teammate who hasn’t reached her goal yet, since the team shares a common goal.
How can my company sponsor Women Build?
For all sponsorship details and corporate teams, please contact Denise Tremblay at dtremblay@habitatqc.ca or at 514.937.0643 ext. 232.
How can my company donate construction material to Habitat for Humanity Quebec?
Please contact Jean-Marc Bergeron at jmbergeron@habitatqc.ca or at 514.937.0643 ext 222 or Denise Tremblay at dtremblay@habitatqc.ca or at 514.937.0643 ext. 232.