How to become a woman builder?

Becoming a woman builder requires no experience at all. However, each woman must raise at least $500 for the mission of the program in order to become a builder.
  1. Decide how you are going to participate : individually or in a group
  2. Sign up!
    • Choose your city of preference to build : Montreal or Sherbrooke;
    • Choose a week you would like to build;
    • Proceed for inscription by register individually and start fundraising

  3. What to do after your enrolment?
    Activate your network and spread the message of the Women build program in the most creative way to achieve your goal. Need a little inspiration? Find our tips in the fundraising handbook.

  4. When is the construction happening?
    The building dates are from June 3 until June 21 2019. Once you have reached the amount required for participation we will contact you and invite you to build at the construction site, specifying the date of construction.